Monday, 19 April 2010

Folk Art Bird Painting

An original acrylic painting 10 1/2" x 8 1/2" 27cm x 22cm
The diamond shapes are collage pieces from a gardening journal - I love these little clicks of color, with tiny details, they make the painting sparkle.
I usually have a very rough sketch of the compositional elements in my paintings, I add details as I go along and see how the painting develops. To help me be more spontaneous I paint a layer of burnt sienna over the white gesso - this way I feel free to mess up. Sometimes it´s a bit scary to paint on a virgin white canvas. I don´t mind too much if the brown shows through, I don´t always want my work to see too polished or artificial.
The decoration on the right hand side is derived from penny rag rugs. I often like to use motifs from traditional crafts, quiltmaking, embroidery, rugmaking and knitting. I am fascinated by these home crafts, these crafters have a long creative history of making wonderful works of art, often with limited means and materials. For me, they are the true heroes of the art world who bring design, color and imagination to ordinary homes.


  1. I love the painting and your article. It's vibrant and cheerful, just like a garden should be!

    It's so true that when you have limited means and materials, you invent them yourself to satisfy your creative urges! I have used my own hair to make brushes for my watercolor paintings when I didn't have any brushes avalaible at one time.

  2. THANKS FOR YOUR VISIT AND FEEDBACK! lOVE THESE PAINTINGS IN PINK AND BROWN -ACRYL? The pictures meake me happy a rainyday as today! Love//Eva

  3. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments!

  4. Its wonderful! Such lovely prints! I was wondering if it will be working with natural pigments and colors. May I try this technique as well?

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