Sunday, 20 May 2012

Having Fun with Beads and Crystals - Sami Lapland Bracelets

I enjoy working with beads and crystals in my bracelets, they add another dimension and texture to the pewter wire braids.   The magpie attraction to sparkle and glitter is not strange in Sweden.  Living in darkness and cold for many months of the year anything that attracts and reflects the light is appreciated.  Crystal beads are truely magical in the way they catch the light and reflect a multitude of rainbow colors

The black bracelet is made with Swarovski crystals and silver beads.  A glamorous and sophisticated look, even in the  forest we have occasions to dress up and have fun!

This bracelet has amethyst colored crystals added.  The great thing about using crystals in jewelry is that it is an affordable way to add glitter and sparkle.  The hard thing is choosing the colors.  When I order from my supplier I want to buy every color!  I guess I am attracted to amethyst because it is my birthstone - February birthday.

 Pale ice blue and steely silver beads, very cool. very Swedish.

 The sterling silver beads in these bracelets are fun to work with.  They have a wonderful feel and heaviness, it reminds me of playing with ball-bearings when i was little.

One thing I love about my work is the input from customers. The bracelet above without beads is in my shop. A customer asked me to custom make this bracelet with silver beads with special instructions on the placing and weave.

 The result is much more interesting and lively than my original!  The customer really knows best!

This bracelet is made with pretty seed beads. I like the opaque pearl like finish to these beads.  The pale pink leather contrasts and compliments the beads nicely.


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